The Br(e)aking Point


The Breaking PointProduction:
MCF Megacom Film
Marka Oreškovića 1
11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11 3835 450

Year of Production: 2008


Duration: 28'


Direction: Igor M. Toholj


Screenplay: Igor M. Toholj


Camera: Fedor Munižaba


Editing: Igor M. Toholj

Mr. Milenko Dzever, engine driver from Zednik near Subotica, killed 23 people while driving his train. Entering locomotive he has never known whether somebody will throw himself under the train or incautiously cross grade crossing. Engine drivers can always see somebody is going to be killed but can do nothing to prevent it. That way they become executors against their will. Sometimes whole families or groups of people in vehicles throw themselves under the train.

About The Author:
Igor M. Toholj was born in 1968 in Belgrade. He graduated as the best student of his generation from the Belgrade Faculty of Drama Arts, Film and TV Directing Department. He taught the Film Editing Basis at the BK Academy of Arts Camera Department (2000-2003). In 2001 in the Cultural Centre Studentski grad he started publication of Kinematograf, an edition on theory and history of film. He was the author and contributor on some twenty experimental and documentary films. He works at the Cultural Centre Studentski grad as the film programme editor.

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